Fair Trial in Anti-Doping Cases

Recommendation on ensuring the independence of hearing panels (bodies) and promoting fair trial in anti-doping cases:

Ensure that the anti-doping proceedings respect athletes’ right to a fair trial, by implementing the following principles...Public nature of the hearing The hearing should be public unless otherwise decided by the hearing panel (body).

There can be no question, for example, of a disciplinary body disclosing certain case file items to one party only, conferring with one party without the other being present, allowing one party to file more submissions than the other, or restricting speaking time at the hearing in an unequal manner.

According to an applicant’s needs and the decision of the ICAS Board, legal aid may apply as follows:

The applicant may be released from having to pay the costs of the procedure, or to pay an advance of costs;

“Pro bono” counsel may be chosen by the applicant from the list established by the CAS;

The applicant may be granted a lump sum to cover his own travel and accommodation costs and those of his witnesses, experts and interpreters in connection with any CAS hearing, as well as the travel and accommodation costs of “pro bono” counsel. 

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